How to Build the Perfect Balcony Garden


Who says that an apartment abode can’t also have a luxury garden? Just because you have limited space, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the many wonderful things about balcony gardening. Throughout the pandemic, many homeowners and renters are transforming their spaces, however, limited they might be, into spaces of higher luxury and productivity. That’s where Stellar Homes comes in. We are experts in custom home design and renovations, so we know exactly how to help you achieve your dream balcony garden.

With a balcony garden, you can grow a variety of plants. Although it depends on the conditions of your balcony during the growing season, you’ll have your choice from hardy greens to fruiting vines and trees, and aromatic herbs.

How to Build the Perfect Balcony Garden

When it comes to building the best balcony garden possible, it’s important to split up the process into two stages. First, you should assess and plan your balcony garden. Then, you should carefully choose your materials and build. With proper planning, the building stage will go much smoother. Don’t worry– Stellar Homes has the expertise to break this process down. So let’s cover the fine details you’ll need to consider before and during the build of your new garden.

Step 1: Plan the Balcony Garden

A good new build always begins with a solid planning phase. It’s better to build efficiently than to cover your mistakes with extra labour. So let’s get into the details of how you should plan your next balcony garden!

Get Permission

Does your building allow balcony gardens? It might not, and for a good reason. Some buildings aren’t able to handle the extra weight on their balconies. And some might have fire or safety concerns. Either way, it’s a good idea to talk to your landlord or property manager beforehand. It’s much easier to adjust your garden with permission than afterwards without.

Measure the Safety

Not only does your deck need to have a safe weight, but it also needs to be walkable in emergencies. If you have to dodge and weave through plants to get to the door or fire escape, then you’ve misdesigned your balcony garden. To increase safety, there are several installations you can use. From railings to extra security, if you plan ahead, you can avoid larger problems later.

Assess the Natural Light

The amount of natural light your balcony receives is the most important factor when planning your balcony garden, aside from the load-bearing capacity of your deck. For example, if your balcony faces the east or west side, this drastically impacts the light plants are hungry for. And aside from natural light, make sure to also consider how you’ll water your plants. Do you have a hose? Or will you need to refill a watering can?

Most people overestimate the amount of light their new garden will get. Remember, most vegetables need 6-8 hours minimum of sunlight a day to produce. Try to consider all the details before going on to the next step!

Decide on a Budget

Likely the most important planning factor, your budget will decide the parameters you’ll be building within. If your goal is to have a luxurious space with seating, lighting, and plants, then you’ll require a budget to match your aspirations. If your goal is to introduce a space for growing on your balcony, you’ll likely be able to get away with a smaller budget.

Saving you money is one of our specialties. Take a look at our testimonials and you’ll see for yourself!

Don’t let that limit you though. There are plenty of cost-saving tools you can capitalize on. From using your own labour to using recycled and used materials, you can cut the cost of your balcony garden through planning and networking.

Step 2: Build Your Balcony Garden

Now that we’ve made it to the fun part, let’s get into the technical details. We won’t go into detail about building techniques and strategies in this article, but we will help you choose the best materials and methods for success.

If you don’t have the DIY skills to build your balcony garden, call us instead. We’ll have your custom-built project completed in no time!

Choose the Right Materials

Depending on the natural features of your balcony, you’ll have some limitations on the materials you choose. For example, if your balcony has a limited load capacity, then you should avoid heavier materials like stone or large pots. Or, if your balcony doesn’t get much light, you may want to build strategically with different heights of pots, or even use mirrors to gather more light.

When it comes to choosing materials, there’s no one better than Stellar Homes. Our knowledge of custom-built homes makes us experts in creating the perfect balcony garden.

Choose Your Plants

Now that you’ve measured the natural light on your balcony and considered safety, and how you’ll water the plants, the next step is to choose the plants. Finally, the fun part!

Some greens like spinach and lettuce can grow with less than a half day’s worth of sun. As well, a few herbs can succeed here, which are great for use in your kitchen. Depending on your climate and other natural factors, there’s likely a wide variety of plants to choose from. Or if your balcony is in a colder, darker location, then you’ll be limited to more hardy greens and herbs.

Add a Sustainable Element

As modern builders, we all have a responsibility to our immediate and global environments. So take our tips on how you can add a sustainable element! Aside from choosing sustainable materials, you can add:

  • Native flowering plants for pollinators
  • A compost bin
  • A bee hotel

Sustainability is our future! Try incorporating it into your new projects using our tips here.

Build Your Balcony Garden With Stellar Homes

2022 truly is the year of improvement. From our minds to our bodies, and now even our homes, transformation is possible with proper planning and a little elbow grease. As you go to build your balcony garden, take the time to assess and plan properly. Measure the natural features you’re working with, because that will decide how much and what variety of plants you can grow.

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