7 Hacks to Create Your Dream Backyard Patio


One of the biggest trends in home improvement right now is creating the perfect backyard patio. There’s nothing like taking a relaxing nap in the warm afternoon sunshine in a little paradise of your own making. That’s why backyard patios are increasing in popularity over the years. And ever since the pandemic, they’ve been even more important!


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Creating Your Dream Backyard Patio

It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but just how many things you have to consider when creating your own patio. What materials do you want to use? What plants work best where? How do the light and shade affect the temperature and water requirements? With so many questions, you either have a lot of research to do or a quick call to the experts at Stellar Homes .

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7 Hacks to Create Your Dream Backyard Patio

Check out our guide on how to build a backyard patio:

1. Functionality

How do you plan on using your space? That is the most important detail to consider when building your backyard paradise. Usually, people like to dine, relax, or garden on their patios, but there are many other uses. Apart from aesthetics, there are many design questions you must ask yourself when it comes to the functionality of your backyard patio. Consider whether your space is going to be for leisure or activity, whether you’ll host dinners or parties, and more. These factors will determine what features and materials you will need, like a gazebo made of wood or metal.

2. Dining and cooking

Especially in the summer, patios are a fabulous way to enjoy an evening meal. There’s nothing like a flame-grilled barbecue meal with a fresh salad on a warm night while you eat in the little enclave in your backyard. There are a couple of important details to consider if you’re going to craft your patio into an eating space. For example, the distance between any cooking appliances and the dining table should be considered. Also, where the light hits in the evening will determine things like location, and even seat height.

3. Outdoor rooms

With enough space in your yard, adding an outdoor room is a statement of luxury. Consider adding an outdoor kitchen or dining room, or perhaps an entertainment area. Another unique idea is an attacked pool hall for recreational activities. If you’re looking to build an outdoor room, it’s important to consider furniture as well. Remember to have a consistent theme throughout your backyard patio!

4. Firepits

The number one trend of 2022 is in, and it’s fire pits! The more time you spend in your backyard, the more you’ll want to make even the cooler nights a comfortable summer dream. You can have a separate area for your fire pit, or you can build it into your patio to make a seamless transition. When building a fire pit, remember to consider safety as a top priority. Make sure to build with enough space, and look at fire-resistant materials.


5. Location

What could be more important than the location of your patio? You might be extending a patio directly from your house, or you might build a separate space in your yard. Either way, there are some considerations you’ll need to make before you start your build.

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One of the most essential things to capitalize on when designing your backyard patio is the views it will have. If your property has an incline, your patio could capitalize on some stunning horizons. Adding a space to have a view of the surrounding environment is a great way to change the feel of your backyard, all while drastically increasing the value of your home.

7. Light and shade

Lastly and most important to your comfort is the sun! Depending on what type of patio you’re looking to build, you might want more or less sun. Tanning or gardening patio? More sun. Dining or cooking? Less sun! Although it’s not this simple, plop a chair down where you’re planning on building your backyard patio and sit down for a while. Get a feel for what it’s like to spend time in the space before you start building!


Achieve Your Dream Patio with Stellar Homes

There are a couple of things you’ll need to know if you’re looking to DIY this project yourself. The type of patio you build will determine just how often it’s used, so it’s important to get it right. With a million different details to consider like materials, plants, lighting, and furniture, sometimes the best idea is to take the fun part of the project for yourself, the designing, and leave the planning and construction to the professionals.

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