Five of 2022’s Hottest Interior Design Trends


Out with the old and in with the… best interior design trends.

Each new year brings with it a whole new aesthetic and 2022 is no exception. Whether it’s a simple change in colour palettes or a more dramatic reimagining of floorplans, the interior design trends of 2022 are among the best in years. And while these trends might be catching on this year, they incorporate many timeless elements that will keep them looking fresh long past the last day on the calendar.

From naturalistic shades of green to minimalist functionality, these are the hottest interior design trends of 2022.

Environmentally Inspired Designs

Environmental sustainability is at or near the top of just about everyone’s priority list. But eco-friendly designs like enlarged mud huts and solar-panelled backyards are so passé. Starting in 2021, “green” design concepts took on a whole new aesthetic that is just as beautiful as the woodlands and waterfalls that inspired them. And this trend is set to continue into 2022 and well beyond.

Smart developments in architecture such as passive heating have introduced more natural light into indoor spaces. And it doesn’t stop there. Skylights, interior courtyards and energy-efficient windows are all design elements that have brightened interior spaces. With the increase in natural lighting, homeowners have opted to bring ever more exotic plants into their homes either as showpieces or accents. And speaking of plants indoors…

Blending indoor and outdoor spaces—such as a master bathroom with a walk-out patio component—is a trend that is ready to take off in 2022. The fusion of the rugged and the tamed is great for creating a Zen-like spa retreat right at home. It’s also tough to beat the functionality of an indoor/outdoor kitchen and dining room for entertaining.

Another environmentally-inspired trend for 2022 is the continued rise in popularity of natural materials. Whether it’s recycled, repurposed or renewable, natural and organic materials have demonstrated their usefulness—and stunning beauty. Earthen and clay pottery, natural stone tiles, bamboo furniture. It’s all green, all day… or year.

Finally, nature-inspired colour schemes complete the blending of indoor and outdoor. Incorporating various shades of green, blue and/or neutral tones is a sure way to modernize with minimal effort.

Minimalist Functionality

Minimalism definitely isn’t new to interior design but its functionality is. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets with invisible hardware or floating staircases, minimalism has never been this practical. Young working professionals, in particular, have embraced the minimalist aesthetic for its stress-reducing tidiness and practicality.

Black-tone kitchens and bedrooms can immediately induce a sense of calm and tranquillity. Even so, the minimalist approach is easy to jazz up without losing any of the benefits by incorporating marble accent walls, feature art pieces (or displays on wall-mounted televisions) or smart use of large plants and trees.

Multifunctional Spaces and Modular Furniture

To say that 2021 was a topsy-turvy year would be an understatement. But, fortunately for us all, for all of the ups and downs of the pandemic, interior designers have had our backs.

Many homeowners never figured a home office into their home buying or building plans. That left many people scrambling to convert their guest bedroom into a workspace only to have to convert the space right back to its original purpose when the in-laws visited for the holidays. Others piled up the papers onto their kitchen tables and routinely spilled marinara sauce all over their contracts—it’s better than spilling wine all over your laptop. Believe us, we’d know.

Interior designers and decorators have started to solve this issue by creating dedicated multifunctional spaces. This trend is catching on, particularly for those living in smaller homes or apartments. A living room can also be a home office with the addition of a well-styled divider.

Similarly, multifunctional furniture has taken off. The use of Murphy beds or “wall beds” with a desk function eliminates the need to disassemble a workstation whenever a guest needs to spend the night. Daybeds and fold-away desks also provide ready solutions to the growing problem of multi-use rooms.

Retro is Back

If you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion. And in light of this latest trend, we probably should have held onto our bell bottoms.

The 60s “mod” style has come “twisting” and “ponying” its way back with some 70s disco to spruce it up. Whether it’s intricate fabric patterns, macramé wall art, bright and bold colours or wicker furniture, whatever home décor worked when your parents were in diapers will work today. And for a long time to come. These updated designs have modern elements that make them look new and feel fresh.

Smart Homes

                Virtual home assistants such as Alexa have grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years. Now, all throughout the design and construction process, homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate technology more seamlessly into their homes.

Truly “smart” homes can do away with the need for unsightly design elements such as light switches and electric wires. For those with a minimalist streak in them, recessed mirror TVs connected to a virtual assistant will be a design feature too sleek to pass up. Even the more practical elements of your home, such as an HVAC system, can be controlled via virtual assistant, thus eliminating unsightly control panels.


2022 is bringing with it the promise of better living through better design. Find out how the team at Stellar Homes can incorporate these design trends into your custom home.