Planning a Custom Home? Here are 2021’s Hottest Bathroom Trends


If you’re looking to build your very own custom home, it helps to stay in the know. Afterall, design trends are changing year after year and you want your house to keep its new-home-feel for years to come.

2020 has been the year of cleanliness and staying at home – and our client’s choices have been reflecting this. Designs for 2021 are simple but modern and they offer an appeal that will keep looking fresh for years.

From exceptional wall décor to easy-to-clean surfaces, these bathroom design trends will fit your en suite, powder room, or really any washroom in your custom home.

1.      Bathrooms with that Jungle Feel

You’ve most likely have seen it before, as these washroom styles are all the rage. Plants, plants, and more plants.

With an amazing variety of green palettes to work with, these bathroom designs often compliment the natural look with organic materials for vanities and towel racks, incorporating wood or other nude tones.

2.      Floating Vanities

Space-saving and contemporary, floating vanities offer a level of customization that your traditional options may restrict you from. Most would describe this look as light and airy, offering a juxtaposition to the bulky box look of vanities that reach the floor.

You can find floating vanities in a variety of looks, some even including legs to bridge the gap between futuristic and classic. Whatever choice you make, there is one major design perk that every homeowner can rejoice in – the ease of cleaning the floors!

3.      Large Form Tiles

Luxury doesn’t always mean the biggest and the best, but when it comes to bathroom tile choices, large format translates directly to that. From textured to lacquered, a variety of looks can be achieved. Some prefer a more natural porous stone that combines well with organic materials, and some prefer smooth and streamlined looks that are perfect for modern appeal.

Large tiles are resilient and offer an easier time managing grout cleanliness – so, count that as a bonus.

4.      Freestanding Tubs

Nothing says tranquil quite like a beautiful freestanding tub. Luxurious and spacious, these large white vessels offer rest and relaxation while suiting any bathroom designs.

What is quite interesting is the modern appeal these styles of tubs offer when compared to the clawfoot models we are used to seeing. Despite being a washroom accessory, these uniquely shaped ceramic centerpieces can be utilized from within a shower to even being an accent for a master bedroom. Their versatility can add contemporary style beyond their years.

5.      Open Showers

Today’s generation of homeowners want nothing more than uninterrupted aesthetic. Tearing down traditional walls and keeping with open concept rooms is the appeal of this format of showers. Helping to keep the bathroom spacious whilst offering no more square footage, it is a perfect way to breathe air into an often-restricted room.

So, whether you go with a half-door or a fully accessible shower, your bathroom will offer the contemporary appeal many homeowners are looking to achieve these days.

Want One or More of These Styles?

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