Stellar Homes built our first home 7 years ago in Stouffville. The quality and workmanship was evident right from the beginning. Paying attention to every minute detail is a hallmark of this builder. Their consultative method kept us involved in the project from the start to finish.

Custom building a house was a giant leap forward for us, but Stellar Homes made us feel at ease and confident with all of our decisions. They guided us along with their experience and expertise. They remembered all the little things that we wanted to include in the house. Each time we had to choose something for the house they sent us to excellent people who had superior products.

Our home is a marvel that we are proud to showcase. Many of our family and friends comment on the quality of workmanship with “they don’t build them like this anymore”.

We were so happy with the previous work that most recently we chose Stellar Homes to do a renovation of a 1950’s style home in downtown Toronto. The transformation from the old to new has been unbelievable. The approach and methods utilized to transform the home are truly innovative and fresh. The entire inside was gutted and redone with Stellar Homes taking the lead in proposing the new layout. The home has the traditional look from the outside but with all the amenities of a new custom home on the inside. Once again, impeccable quality of work. In both cases, we received great service even after the projects were complete.