Stellar Homes built our wonderful new home nearly 4 years ago. Right from the very first meeting we knew Vito, Tony and Michael were not only very good builders but also very good people. When you have been in business for over thirty years as we have, you now how to spot people who are professional and honest. Not only did Stellar Homes do a beautiful job with our home, they also finished our basement and were able to incorporate all of our required amenities. They built a wonderful apartment for one of our sons which has a high-end kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The other side of the basement includes an exercise room, bathroom, home theatre room and additional space to be used as either a family room of bedroom.

Because of Stellar Homes great level of service, we asked them to build our new high-tech boardroom, executive washrooms and testing lab in our office. This project met all of our expectations. They kept us informed throughout the construction and kept the job site neat and therefore, never interfered with our day to day operation.

When we decided that we needed an additional two car garage, we asked Stellar Homes to undertake the project. Knowing that they take pride in their work we were confident that their design would do nothing less than enhance the house. Anyone seeing our home for the first time would find it hard to believe there has been an addition to the home.

Stellar Homes is reliable and build to only the highest possible standards