Smart Home Devices Inside & Out


Have you wondered what homes will look like in 10 or 20 years? The best way to figure that out is to look at advanced home technology today! Although we are still a ways away from our favourite futuristic designs, smart home devices have advanced a great deal in the last five years. You might not live out your Star Trek fantasies quite yet, but by becoming an early adapter of smart home technology, you’ll help push futurology into home design. And you’ll discover how technology in the home creates safety, luxury, and convenience.


Stellar Homes are experts in creating modern luxury with our custom-built homes. Keep reading to find out how we can help bring the future into your next project!

Smart Home Devices Indoors and Outdoors

For decades, the ‘smart home’ has dominated pop culture. From the Jetsons, all the way to modern video game design, the idea of human life integrated with technology is exciting! The best news is that you can integrate smart home technology all across your home, inside and out. And doing so will increase your home’s value, making smart devices a fantastic investment. From built-in systems to additives, there are options for every budget.


Let’s break down how this modern trend is here to stay and excite the housing markets. With such a variety of devices to explore, we’ll give you a snapshot of how you can adapt smart technology to your yard and kitchen. So keep an eye out for future updates as we explore smart home technology in all the other areas of your home!

How Smart Technology Increases Your Home’s Value

It’s likely you arrived here because you’re curious about the benefits of adding smart technology to your home. Well, one thing is clear. The demand for smart homes is increasing every year. Let’s take a look at those benefits now so we have an idea of why installing smart technology is a good idea!

If you’re looking for a visual aid to help you understand why smart homes are a fantastic way to add value to your property, check out this video!


Or, if you’re already prepared to inject value into your home with smart technology, contact us here.

Safety & Privacy

If you live in an area with higher crime or have a bothersome snooping neighbour, or even sneaky a teenager looking to get in trouble, several smart home innovations protect your home. Beyond crime, there’s also technology to protect you from accidental damage.


If you take a moment to consider all the daily routines and tasks you perform in your daily life, it’s almost guaranteed that there is a smart home innovation to make that routine or task easier and simpler.


What’s more important than loving the home you spend so much time in? Nothing. That’s why luxurious smart home technology is exploding in popularity. Automation turns even the simplest spaces into places of luxury.

If you’re looking for other exciting ways to add luxury to your home, check out our article on the hottest trends of 2022 here!

Smart Devices for the Yard

A smart home makes a statement right away. And that means that from the yard to the front door, you have options to install and bring your home into the future. Some of the best smart home devices aren’t in the home at all; they’re outside.  Here are the technologies that can bring your outdoors to the next level!

Video Doorbells

One of the most common smart home devices is the video doorbell. We’ve all seen a viral video from a doorbell camera. But beyond entertainment, they’re fantastic for protecting your property from theft and destruction. They also have many useful functions like a microphone so you can have conversations from the safety of your home.

Smart Lock

Home security is essential and the widespread use of smart locks shows that. Fantastic for convenience and safety, a smart lock is a device that is a must for every smart home. Say goodbye to forgotten keys or the inconvenience of sharing keys. Now you can open and lock your door from anywhere, at any time. They are a part of a larger smart home security system, but as a single edition, they have the biggest impact.

Automated Lights

Lighting is a major statement in 2022, which is why there are many options for smart home lights. Most available options are entirely customizable, and allow you to create a network of motion-based security lights. Depending on the shape of your yard, you can include a variety of things like flood lights, spotlights, step lights and more.

The Best Smart Home Devices in the Kitchen

In 2022, every inch of the home has been carefully considered. A simple question is applied: how can technology improve the use of this space? And that simple question created a plethora of beautiful and useful smart home devices.



Every appliance and tool in the kitchen has a modern version. If you had every one of these, you’d be living in the lap of luxury. Or you’d have a bunch of incredible kitchen tools that only seem to get used once a year. Don’t worry! We’ve sorted through the abundance to pick the most essential smart home devices for your kitchen.

Keep reading to find out about the best devices for the kitchen and bedroom.

Smart Coffee Makers

The ultimate smart home needs a smart coffee maker. As the drink of choice for many if not most Canadians, we don’t need to explain the luxury of a voice or phone-automated coffee maker. What’s a smart home without luxury? That’s why a fully customizable coffee machine that also self-cleans is an essential smart home device in 2022.

Robot Vacuum & Mop

These two devices are already seen regularly in many homes. A robot vacuum and mop can take care of the floors for you, which takes one of the biggest inconveniences out of cleaning. And best yet, the technology in these devices has greatly improved in recent years. There are many fantastic options to choose from depending on your needs, and you can rely on them to get the job done.

Smart Trash Can

When you’re cooking, you need to limit the number of surfaces you touch. High-contact surfaces collect bacteria, and in the kitchen that causes food safety issues. To combat this, we wash our hands in between touching surfaces and food. That’s why having a smart trash can is an incredible convenience. Having sorted waste that opens and closes with voice commands greatly reduces the number of times you need to touch another surface. This saves your hands from the wear and tear of constant washing, and also increases your food safety!

Stellar Homes Makes the Best Smart Homes

In 2022, smart home technology can be added to every inch of your home. In this snapshot, we explored the best additions to your yard and kitchen, two of the biggest statement pieces of your home. By upgrading these two areas of your home, you increase everything from safety and security to convenience and luxury. That’s how smart technology increases the value of your home! It transforms antiquity into an elegant utility.

custom-built homes

And we’ve only taken a look at two of the many spaces you can upgrade with smart home technology. So keep an eye out for future updates as we explore the vast world of smart home technology. And when you’re ready, give us a call and we’ll get started on the plans for your smart device-infused dream home.